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Our team is specialised in the subjects we work with. We bring our experience, professionalism and excellence to bear in order to protect, negotiate or defend the cases that are entrusted to us, always keeping our clients involved.

25 years go a long way, and our experience over so many years of work is the basis for our know-how and the knowledge which we openly publish through written contributions to magazines, books and networks. Moreover, our legal team is also permanently involved with teaching. All our team members regularly take part in different teaching activities, in Madrid or Barcelona, related to the different matters we know and that form part of our speciality.

This commitment keeps us fresh and allows us to be aware of the latest trends, preserve our access to sources of knowledge and learn from the efforts that go into preparing and teaching subjects.

Dr. Mario A. Sol Muntañola
Owner and partner

Owner and partner of the SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS firm (, partner of the Official Agency of trademarks and Patents INGENIAS ( partner of RECUPERADEUDAS (, a company that handles payment claims for unpaid invoices through digital technology.

Ever since 1990, he has exclusively devoted his efforts to the field of intellectual property and other related matters. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on Parody as a limit to author’s rights and has written two books and numerous articles on Intellectual Property.

He combines his professional activity with research activities and teaching in the field of Intellectual Property. He has been an associate professor at the Universidad de Barcelona (, and at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (, and he has been teaching at the the Faculty of Law at ESADE (Universidad Ramón Llull de Barcelona, since 1998, currently as the Director of the IT+IP Master’s program. His experience in this field has lead him to specialized arbitration, and he is currently a member of the team of experts for the World Intellectual Property Organization (, an arbiter at the National Arbitration Forum (USA) (, and at ARBITEC (Spain). He is a member of the board of directors of ALADDA, (Spanish branch of ALAI), a member of the Spanish group of the AIPPI, a member of the IBA, and a member and former vice-president of the Copyright Commission of the Barcelona Bar Association.

Partner of the firm SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS (, and partner of RECUPERADEUDAS (, a company that handles payment claims for unpaid invoices through digital technology.

He has been working in the field of Intellectual property since 1990, first working within a police group specialized in these matters, where he became acquainted with the operational ways of both organized piracy networks and individual pirates over the years and in a great variety of sectors. After several years acting as a substitute Abogado del Estado (attorney General), he joined SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS in 1996, where he is currently the head of the litigation department, having defended numerous clients in all the areas that belong to our speciality (author rights, trademarks, designs, patents, unfair competition, image rights…) with great success. In 2010 he was selected by the English editorial Chambers and Partners as one of the 55 Spanish lawyers – in all areas – with the greatest outreach.

He currently combines his professional activity with teaching, he has been a teacher in the Master’s Program on Intellectual Property held at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE ( for the last years, and he has also been teaching as a professor in the IT&IP Master’s Program held at ESADE (Universidad Ramon Llull de Barcelona,

Francisco Javier Márquez Martín
Ferran Llaquet Ballarin

Attorney for SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS law firm (

He graduated in Law from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (, and he obtained an Advanced Vocational Training Degree in Computer Science at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ( He has focused on the field of Intellectual Property and other matters related since 2002, and he is a specialist in digital technology.

He combines his professional activity with teaching in different fields of the Law, and he has taught as a collaborating teacher in the e-learning Master’s Degree at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya ( since 2006, and since 2015 he has also been teaching as an external collaborator for the IT&IP Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Law, ESADE (Universidad Ramón Llull de Barcelona,

Attorney for the SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS law firm ( She has a Master’s Degree in ICT, Social media and Intellectual Property (IP&IT) Law from ESADE, (Universidad Ramón Llull de Barcelona She graduated in Law from the Universidad de Perugia (Italy) in the year 2009.

After two years of legal practice and specialization in procedural law in the jurisdiction of Perugia ( – Scuola Forense “Gerardo Gatti”), in 2011 she obtained the standardization of her Italian degree by the Education Ministry of Madrid and in 2012 she successfully passed the Italian exam to access the legal profession, obtaining a double degree that allowed her to practise both in Spain and Italy.

In 2013 she joined the BATALLER BALAGUER firm in Barcelona and worked there for over three years, and she studied a Master’s Degree in ICT, Social Media and Intellectual Property Law (IP&IT) in 2014/2015 at ESADE (Universidad Ramón Llull de Barcelona She joined the SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS law firm in early 2017.

Anastasia Leonardi
María Rosés
María Rosés Vilarrasa

Attorney at law at SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS ( She graduated in Law from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya ( in 2019, having completed the last semester of the degree at EWHA Womans University in the city of Seoul in South Korea.

In 2019/2020 she completed the double Master’s Degree in Access to the Practice of Law and in International Law at the Instituto Superior de Derechos y Economía (ISDE) (

She started her internship at the firm in 2020 and, in 2021 she joined as a lawyer.

Member of the Barcelona Bar Association since 2021.

Fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

Executive secretary and PA to the associates of the SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS law firm (

She holds an Advanced Executive Secretary Certificate from the Institució Cultural del CIC – Fundació Privada. She has over 20 years’ experience as a PA and 15 in the legal area, specialised in Intellectual and Industrial Property. She took an Advanced Vocational Training Course in Management with English in 2000 and she joined the team of SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS in 2001. She has been in charge of the administration department of the firm since 2005.

She currently combines her tasks in the administration department with other tasks as a personal assistant for the partners of the firm.

Lucy Gallego
Lucy Gallego Goodhew
Executive secretary


Fernando Gallego
Fernando Gallego
Partner and Director

Industrial Property Lawyer and Agent.
Over twenty years of experience in the field of intellectual and industrial property. Without neglecting procedural law, Fernando appears as a registered representative before a number of patent and trademark registration offices. He is a member of the AIIPPI, INTA, COAPI and ICAB.

Mario a Sol Muntañola
Mario A. Sol Muntañola
Partner and Lawyer

PhD in Law from the University of Barcelona, specialised in Intellectual Property; Director of the IP + IT Masters course at the ESADE Business and Law School; Member of the group of experts at the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre; conflict resolution regarding domain names; NAF-USA and ARBITEC referee

Susana Sevilla
Susana Sevilla
Foreign Department

In charge of the management and processing of international industrial property rights, trademark registration and the management of large portfolios for clients with interests in foreign markets.
A member of INTA since 2014

Marta Peñacoba
Marta Peñacoba
Foreign Department

Lawyer specialised in Industrial and Intellectual Property, with extensive experience in foreign matters.


Sara Gonzalez
Sara González
Patents and Design Department

Official Industrial Property Agent. Bachelor’s degree in Law with a Postgraduate in Judicial Expertise and a Masters in Industrial Property. Sara is backed up by her over than ten years of experience in the patent and design departments.
She has been a member of INTA and COAPI since 2014

Teresa Aymerich
Teresa Aymerich
International Patents and Design Department

In charge of managing and processing industrial property rights at a national and international level, with over ten years of experience in trademark and patent administration departments.

Marta Folch
Marta Folch
Trademark Department

With more than twenty years’ experience in the industrial property sector, Marta currently specialises in the study of viability and strategy for the protection of trademarks and trade names at a national level

Carmen Zamohano
Carmen Zamohano
Trademark Department

Carmen has been dedicated to the industrial property sector since 1990. At Ingenias, she specialises in national and international trademark monitoring, as well as trademark maintenance and renewal.

Yago Hernandez
Yago Hernández
Legal Department

Bachelor’s Degree in Law, with five years’ experience in the preparation of state exams for access to the legal profession.
ICAB collegiate.

Cristina Mari
Cristina Marí
Ingenias in Ibiza

Lawyer specialised in Industrial and Intellectual Property and New Technologies. Cristina holds a Masters in Industrial and Intellectual Property from Esade. An Official Industrial Property Agent since 2011. ICAB collegiate and COAPI member.

Paula Carabias
Paula Carabias
Administration Department

With a degree in Art History and Documentation, Paula is responsible for the company’s administration and accounting.

Marta Casanovas
Patents and Design Department

Holds a Bachelor´s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Technological Innovation by MIT. She is in charge of the management of technical aspects related to patents.

Alexandros Stavrinadis
Patents and Design Department

Doctorate in Materials Science from the University of Oxford, Master in Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise from the University of Cambridge, bachelor in Physics, researcher and inventor in nanomaterials for new technologies and applications in photonics. He works as a special patent engineer.

Gracia Miranda
Trademark Department

She is responsible for the management and processing of trademark registrations at an European and International level. She has more than 10 years of experience in the sector.

Patricia Bauzá
Legal Department

Lawyer specialised in Industrial Property; Masters in Intellectual and Industrial Property ICAB. ICAB Collegiate.