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About Us



We at SOL MUNTAÑOLA ABOGADOS enjoy our speciality. Our career of over 30 years working exclusively with intangible assets is a testament to our reliability and reputation. We have grown with the changes that have taken place in different areas we work with, and that is why we understand them. We are trailblazers in our field that are constantly seeking to venture into unexplored directions and to produce original proposals, and we have been awarded exemplary sentences. We provide the finest services tailored to suit our clients’ needs from our offices in Madrid or Barcelona, from which we are in touch with some of the finest specialists the world over.


The legal department is in charge of carrying out negotiations on rights to intangible assets and the reactive protection thereof. However, ensuring that things go smoothly require a good amount of previous groundwork.

The Trademark and Patents Agency is where rights are defined and protected. Preventive protection is best way to ensure that reactive protection will be successful or to secure a strong position in negotiations.

Our official Trademark and Patents office provides the technical assistance and strategic consultancy required for the protection of research, development, creation and innovation.


Our firm has been recognised throughout its more than 30 years of work with the best distinctions by the most prestigious rankings. Our successes and our clients endorse us. Consult the “Our successes” section for the latest news about our work.


We have been pioneers in many areas, breaking new ground, generating original approaches and securing exemplary judgments in all the fields in which we work. Our successes in the field of promotional actions, music on the internet, protecting the family privacy of celebrities, linking websites, defending major brands or organising major anti-piracy raids are well known. Our experience has been nurtured by the cases entrusted to us by the best possible clients, from artists or actors in their professional beginnings to the biggest professionals or Oscar-winning figures. And from large corporations to small start-ups looking for their place in the market. We can handle it all.